LaserTouchOne Referral Reward Program

LaserTouchOne Referral Program

We are proud to offer an effective pain management device that can alleviate both acute and chronic pain at an affordable price. As a current customer, you have experienced the benefits of the LaserTouchOne firsthand and as a fellow pain warrior, we would like to offer you an opportunity to help others suffering from intractable pain become aware of this drug-free solution.

Become a member of our referral rewards program and enjoy an extra discount on all our products!

Our Referral Rewards

With the LaserTouchOne referral rewards program, you can earn a discount on an LTO purchase when you refer a friend to our products. Share the power of our LaserTouchOne therapy device with family and friends who are struggling to find pain relief.

Reward For A Referred Friend

By referring a friend, you can make their journey to pain relief faster and more affordable. Referred friends are eligible to receive a 10% discount on their first purchase!

Reward For Existing Customers

As a thank you to our existing customers referring family and friends, we will also reward you with a 10% discount on your next purchase with us for each referral you send our way!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is LaserTouchOne?

The LaserTouchOne is a hand held low level laser, microcurrent electrical stimulation pain relief device designed to provide those with inflamed skin or minor bodily injuries pain relief.

How do I refer LTO to a friend?

Simply provide your unique referral code to a friend in search of our cold laser therapy device. 


How do I receive a discount on LTO products?

There are two ways to earn a LTO discount: when you refer a friend and they make a purchase - the referred friend receives a 10% discount. Through your successful referral, you then earn a 10% discount on your next LTO purchase.