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The LTO is a pain relief device that is a handheld, ergonomically designed combination device that combines two proven modalities, the low level laser therapy (LLLT or cold laser) and micro-current electrical stimulation (MET).

A clinical study evaluating the LaserTouchOne compared to TENS and LLLT Medical devices in treating chronic neck and shoulder pain.

The LTO delivers two treatment types: cold laser (the red light) and microcurrent electrical stimulation (e-stim; the electrical tingling you feel). The laser light can travel through air to pass through the skin but electrical current needs a conductive medium to travel. The gel acts as that medium to allow the electrical current to pass through the skin. If you choose to not use gel, you won’t get the benefit of the e-stim nor will you feel the tingling sensation on the skin.

You may need to reapply small amounts of gel during your treatment if the skin becomes dry or you move to a new area.

There is only one setting for the laser (on or off) but you can adjust the e-stim dial. With this device, a stronger current is not necessarily better. Only a slight tingle is necessary for the best results.

The tingle should not be shocking or uncomfortable when applied to the skin. (Remember too, you must use gel to feel the e-stim sensation!). You may also experience that different parts of your body have different levels of sensitivity. Adjust the e-stim dial as necessary.

Treatment times should range from 4 to 8 minutes depending on the size of the area.

You can use the LTO up to 5 times per day but be sure to give at least 2-3 hours in between each treatment. This time allows the body to react to the treatment.

Where you feel the pain may only be a SYMPTOM of something else. The SOURCE of the pain is usually above or below the area of pain. For example: if you have carpal tunnel syndrome, the source of your wrist/hand pain may be in your upper arm, shoulder or neck. Treat above the area of pain, on and around the area of pain, and treat a little below the area of pain as well

Class 2 medical device.

The laser is 1 mW and 670 nanometers.

Recharge the device every 2-3 weeks for 5 to 7 hours. It is not recommended to store the device plugged in. It is also recommended that a surge protector is used when charging your LTO.