Understanding Cold Laser Treatment for Pain Relief

Learn how cold laser treatment uses a low-intensity laser therapy to stimulate your body’s healing process.

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Understanding Cold Laser Treatment for Pain Relief

If you’re suffering from pain caused by an accident or injury, chronic pain, aches or sores from muscle strain, or other discomforts, cold laser therapy is a great way to awaken your regenerative cells without the need for medications or costly procedures. Cold laser therapy is often used in sports medicine and physical therapy to help patients overcome pain caused by arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, and more.

Effective Relief for Chronic Pain

Cold laser treatment utilizes a low-intensity laser therapy to stimulate your body’s healing process. It’s often referred to as “cold” due to the low levels of light used since low light exposure isn’t strong enough to raise your body’s core temperature or the temperature of affected tissue. Instead, it works to promote regeneration of the area that’s causing you pain. 

While it’s important to see your doctor to determine the underlying cause of your pain, getting symptom relief is essential to daily function. To make sure you’re receiving effective cold laser treatment, choose a high-quality device like LaserTouchOne.

Woman Using LaserTouchOne Cold Laser

LaserTouchOne offers patented, FDA cleared pain relief delivered at the source. The treatment is easy enough to administer yourself and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

What is Cold Laser Treatment and How Does it Work?

Cold laser treatment is a type of laser therapy for pain relief that works by emitting non-thermal photons of light through the layers of skin. It penetrates about 2 to 5 centimeters below the skin and is absorbed into your body. After absorption, the light sensitive elements of your body’s cells begin to react in a similar way that plants react to the sun.

The low-level light is converted into energy to jump start your healing process. Over intervals ranging from 30 seconds to several minutes, your body begins to repair damaged or injured tissue and you’ll feel a reduction in pain with improved healing times.

Cold laser therapy from LaserTouchOne can be used to trigger biochemical changes within your cells and alleviate pain from injury, accident, and a number of different underlying conditions.

LaserTouchOne combines low level cold laser therapy with micro-current electrical stimulation to increase the effects and provide relief for acute and chronic pain of the musculoskeletal origin and beyond. LaserTouchOne is painless, easy to use, and portable so that pain relief is always in the palm of your hand. It can be used wherever you feel pain on your body, safely and effectively.

At Home Solutions: Cold Laser Therapy for Pain

If you’re searching for a way to relieve your pain in the comfort of your own home, order your LaserTouchOne today.

93% Experienced Pain Relief

By harnessing the restorative effects of low-level lasers, our handheld devices can be used up to five times per day to promote healing and regeneration within the body. LaserTouchOne is proven to be 93% effective in significantly relieving pain and is FDA cleared for over-the-counter use.

It’s truly a revolutionary product and is based on over 40 years of proven scientific research. LaserTouchOne technology has been used by doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists for years. Now, it’s available for you to use at home without the hassle of a prescription. Since there are no pharmaceuticals involved, you’ll avoid any unpleasant or dangerous side effects while relieving irritating sources of pain. If you’re not satisfied with the results, we offer a complete money back guarantee.

Cold Laser Therapy Cost with LaserTouchOne

LaserTouchOne’s cold laser therapy cost is far less than in-patient treatments and allows you to receive continued pain relief for years. The LaserTouchOne can also be used as adjunctive treatment for post-surgical and post-traumatic acute pain in addition to providing temporary relief of minor chronic neck and shoulder pain of musculoskeletal origin.

Cold Laser Treatment Testimonial

If you’re still unsure whether or not cold laser therapy with LaserTouchOne will work for you, that’s okay. We’re proud to share testimonials to show you the effectiveness of our shoulder pain treatment.

Happy Cold Laser Customer
“We purchased it [LaserTouchOne] in May of 2013. It is the first such device we bought after researching the [cold] laser medical advantages. We have another complete laser machine with different attachments that cost over $10,000. Both are valuable and do what they are designed to do. The LaserTouchOne device has the convenience of being small, handheld, and can be taken almost anywhere. The best feature is the adjustable dial the lets you find and pinpoint exact spot that is bothering you. It has been loaned to different people and most are amazed at the results they see in just a few days. We use it at least once a week.” – Stone R.

For more testimonials and customer reviews, click here.

Cold Laser Treatment FAQs

    Man Using LaserTouchOne Cold Laser Treatment

    What is cold laser therapy used for?

      Cold laser therapy is used for a variety of different things. It’s primarily used to help repair tissue and offer relief from acute or chronic pain and inflammation. It can help alleviate pain from minor injuries and sprains, inflammation, aches and pains, promote skin rejuvenation, improve wound healing, as an alternative to acupuncture, and more.

        How does cold laser therapy work?

          Cold laser therapy uses a range of low level light that is targeted on affected areas to promote cellular regeneration. The wavelengths help to stimulate cellular energy, similar to a way plants undergo photosynthesis. Once the light is absorbed, your cells are activated, and healing begins. 

            Is cold laser therapy right for you?

              If you’re suffering from pain or inflammation, cold laser therapy is a great way to heal your body without the use of dangerous pharmaceuticals or surgery. It’s a safe treatment that requires no preparation. The only people who should not use cold laser therapy are those with carcinomas or cancerous lesions. Avoid using LaserTouchOne on the thyroid or eyes and do not use if you are pregnant.

                Does cold laser therapy actually work?

                  Yes! LaserTouchOne’s cold laser therapy has been proven to be 93% effective in significantly relieving pain and is FDA cleared for over-the-counter use. Many other studies have also found cold laser therapy to be effective in double-blind, placebo-controlled environments.

                  Get Your Chronic Pain Relief in the Palm of Your Hand

                  LaserTouchOne Cold Laser

                  LaserTouchOne is an effective pain relief device that uses the combination of micro-current electrical stimulation and cold laser therapy to promote healing without any dangerous side effects. It’s ergonomically designed so that anyone can use it in the comfort of their own home.

                  If you’re suffering from acute or chronic pain, order a LaserTouchOne today. We’re so confident in our cold laser treatment that we offer a 30-day, risk-free trial with a full money back guarantee. If you order your LaserTouchOne and aren’t satisfied with the results, you can send it back for a full refund including shipping.

                  Try LaserTouchOne today risk-free!

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