Tips for Traveling With Your LaserTouchOne Device

Written by Jennifer Allen


Posted on May 23 2023

With summer just around the corner, you are likely to have begun planning out your travels for the next few months. And while travel can be as simple as picking a location, purchasing a plane ticket and landing at your destination, it can be a bit more complex for those who need immediate access to a medical or therapy device. With that in mind, the idea of flying with a medical device can lead to a bit of anxiety as there can be many rules to follow at the airport. We have outlined a few guidelines to help you navigate these rules easily and with as little stress as possible. 


Important Things to Know When Traveling With a Therapy Device

We’re here to tell you that if you are flying with a medical or therapy device (especially for the first time) there is no reason to be fearful or cancel your travel plans. Continue reading for tips on how to travel with your LaserTouchOne cold laser therapy device. 


Plan Ahead of Your Travels

When it comes to traveling, planning ahead is essential. 

This is especially true if your travels involve flying. The airport can be a hectic place and with proper planning, you can make your way through security with ease. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has specific rules on items passengers can store in either their carry on or checked bag. TSA permits most medical devices (with special instructions), including external medical devices and items with lasers, to be stored in your carry-on and checked bag. 

It is also important to remember that even if your medical device is permitted by TSA, it may be subject to additional screenings.


Store Your Device In Your Carry On Bag or Inside Your Personal Item 

When going through security, TSA will ask you to remove electronic devices from your carry on/personal item and place them into a bin for x-ray screening. We recommend storing your LaserTouchOne device in your personal item (small purse, briefcase, tote bag or small backpacks) as it is lightweight, easy to store and can be quickly retrieved once you reach your security checkpoint. 

For additional organization, we offer a LaserTouchOne Carrying Case, so you can easily store your LaserTouchOne device, charging cord, and gel in one convenient package for better organization and quick access.


Remove Device from Luggage & Inform TSA Officer Before Walking Through Security 

As you would with liquids and other electronic devices, be sure to remove your cold laser therapy device from your personal item/carry-on bag once you reach your security checkpoint. Inform your TSA agent of your device so they are aware of what will be screened. 

As previously mentioned, your cold laser therapy device may be subject to additional screening as you move through security checkpoints. For additional questions on TSA rules for medical devices and other carry-on items, please refer to their website with options for live chats to ask more specific questions and receive live responses in real time. 


Consider the LaserTouchOne Device for Chronic Pain Alleviation 

We want you to enjoy your travels without worry of chronic pain taking over your life, which is why we recommend the LaserTouchOne cold laser therapy device. 

This device combines the proven benefits of low-level cold laser therapy with low-level microcurrent electrical stimulation, making it an effective, powerful and safe pain relief device. It can be used at home without a prescription or worry of negative side effects. 

The LaserTouchOne device is a patented, proven and effective pain relief device cleared by the FDA for both neck and shoulder pain. While we do not guarantee that our device will cure acute or chronic body pain, studies have shown that 93% of participants experienced pain relief when using their LaserTouchOne device. We offer a 30-day, risk-free, in-home trial on our products. 

Shop our LaserTouchOne products here. We wish you safe and happy travels this summer!