How to Get Lasting Relief from Shoulder Pain

Learn more about about shoulder pain — what causes it and what you can do to get relief.

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Man with Shoulder Pain
Shoulder problems are surprisingly common and can be experienced in varying degrees. To allow for high mobility and a wide range of motion, shoulders are densely comprised of bones, joints, tendons, and muscles to optimize movement. As many of us have come to know, this mobility can have its price.

The constant movement takes a toll on your body and can result in injury or deterioration. This leads to shoulder pain that can appear suddenly or gradually over time and range anywhere from mild to excruciating. If not addressed, this pain can restrict your mobility, affect overall stability, or even cause problems in the soft tissue of your body.

Shoulder pain tends to fall into four major categories: inflammation, instability, arthritis, and fractures. It can also occur due to injury or you may notice shoulder pain from sleeping on your side. In serious cases, shoulder pain could be an indication of infection, tumors, or even nerve-related problems.

To make sure that you’re prioritizing your health and safety, it’s important to see a doctor for the proper diagnosis. Unfortunately, understanding what’s causing your shoulder pain doesn’t mean that you will receive immediate shoulder pain relief.

LaserTouch One and Gel

If you’re suffering from acute or chronic shoulder pain, LaserTouchOne is here to help. LaserTouchOne offers patented, FDA cleared, and drug-free shoulder pain relief. Treatment is easy to administer and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Shoulder Pain Treatments

If you start experiencing shoulder pain, it’s important to understand the underlying cause. Since severe shoulder pain can actually emanate from other problems or sources of pain, you’ll want to make sure that there’s nothing seriously wrong and that you’re taking the proper precautions to heal from an injury.

Shoulder pain is most commonly caused by sudden injury, elongated periods of poor posture, conditions that weaken joint tissue, tears in your rotator cuff, tendinitis, impingement, arthritis, and even heart disease or gallbladder issues. Frozen shoulder can also occur, which is characterized by stiffness and pain in your shoulder joint. Always see your doctor for a proper diagnosis and then seek shoulder pain treatment.

If you’re looking for relief from shoulder pain resulting from acute injuries or overuse injuries, there are a few things you can do for treatment.

First, it’s important that you adjust your activities accordingly. Don’t overdo it—give yourself time to apply shoulder pain treatment. Try performing a few mild stretches for shoulder pain and utilize LaserTouchOne for fast, effective shoulder pain relief.

LaserTouchOne is a laser treatment for shoulder pain that utilizes low level “cold” laser therapy and micro-current electrical stimulation to relieve shoulder pain. This technology has been proven to be 93% effective in significantly relieving pain without the need for a prescription and dangerous pharmaceuticals.

By combining the power of low level laser with micro-current electrical stimulation, you’ll find symptomatic relief of chronic, intractable pain as well as acute pain. It also works to alleviate minor chronic pain of musculoskeletal origin without any invasive procedures.

LaserTouchOne offers patented, proven pain relief that’s approved for in-home use. Unlike other treatments for shoulder pain, you’ll hold the power of shoulder pain relief in your hands and can use it anywhere you go. Since there are no drugs or invasive procedures involved, you’ll avoid unwanted side effects and long recovery times.

Cold Laser Treatment for Shoulder Pain

Woman using LaserTouchOne on her shoulder

Whether you’re experiencing pain in your rotator cuff, upper back pain between your shoulder blades, or any type of discomfort during movement, it’s never been easier to experience shoulder pain treatment in the comfort of your own home. LaserTouchOne is the perfect solution for any type of shoulder pain.

The low level laser technology emits a localized light on your troubling areas so that your body can absorb it. When absorbed, the light helps to increase the production of intracellular energy, which works to reduce inflammation and provide shoulder pain relief. When micro-current electrical stimulations are applied, the effect is amplified and provides painless, portable shoulder pain treatments that you’ll actually look forward to.

LaserTouchOne has an extremely high success rate in clinical trials and has been used by doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists for years. Thanks to the FDA cleared, patented technology, it’s now available to you at home without a prescription.

If you’re looking for a way to get rid of shoulder pain without using dangerous pharmaceuticals or experiencing any unwanted side effects, LaserTouchOne is the perfect solution. Get your LaserTouchOne today and stop suffering from acute or chronic shoulder pain.

Testimonials: LaserTouchOne Offers Effective Shoulder Pain Relief Treatments

If you’re still skeptical about the effectiveness of LaserTouchOne when it comes to treating shoulder pain, that’s okay. We’re proud to share a few of our reviews and testimonials to show you the effectiveness of our shoulder pain treatment.

“I cannot express just how life-changing this device has been! I have suffered from a multitude of physical discomfort due to 'frozen shoulder'. I have spent hundreds of dollars visiting chiropractors, doctors, acupuncturists, etc. and only this device game me true, immediate relief. I hope with our opioid crisis in America more people will learn about the LaserTouchOne and see that there is no need for medication and that this device really will heal inflammation and pain.” – Sara D.

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Shoulder Pain FAQs

What causes shoulder pain?

A main cause of shoulder pain is injury, but if you didn’t do anything to cause the pain, then it could be due to several different conditions. You may be suffering from rotator cuff tendonitis and bursitis, rotator cuff tears, arthritis, frozen shoulder, calcific tendonitis, or spinal issues. Talk to your doctor about finding the cause of your shoulder pain.

Can physical therapy help shoulder pain?

Physical therapy can help shoulder pain over time, but it requires ongoing effort and evaluation. Physical therapy is a great way to supplement your LaserTouchOne treatments for comprehensive shoulder pain relief and recovery from injury.

What is cold laser therapy?

LaserTouchOne Cold Laser

Cold laser therapy is a low intensity laser therapy that stimulates healing using low levels of light. It’s considered cold because the light is not intense enough to cause thermal changes to your body’s tissue. The different wavelengths and low level light is applied to painful areas to stimulate inflammation relief and heals damaged cells.

Get Relief from Your Shoulder Pain Today!

If you’re ready to stop wasting time and money using products that don’t provide shoulder pain relief, order a LaserTouchOne today. We’re so confident in our technology that we offer a 30-day, risk-free trial with full money back guarantee.

If you order your in-home LaserTouchOne and you don’t experience shoulder pain relief, you can send it back for a full refund. Try LaserTouchOne today risk-free!

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