Saving My Shoulders

Staying consistent, Tom used his LaserTouchOne several times each day and especially after he completed his shoulder exercises. He realized that after four weeks, there was a significant reduction in pain and...

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Saving My Shoulders

Tom is a fairly active 70 year old male who has used the LaserTouchOne since 2012. As a competitive indoor rower athlete, he has firsthand experience of how the device has helped him heal from basic strains and sprains, especially in his shoulders. But this past December, Tom really experienced the power of the LaserTouchOne when he was diagnosed with rotator cuff tendinitis on the left shoulder and a partial supraspinatus/labral tear on the right shoulder.

Living With Pain

Tom says, “I couldn’t raise my right arm above my head without hearing and feeling a recurring clicking and sharp pain when I tried to lift it to shoulder height.” The pain made getting dressed every day difficult and he wasn’t able to sleep on either his right or left side. 

Tom wanted to avoid pain medications and steroid injections as much as he could; and he definitely did not want to undergo surgery. “The doctor wanted to treat the pain I was experiencing with pills and injections, and even suggested surgery, but I knew I needed to find an approach that could help my body heal instead of hiding the symptoms of the underlying problems.”

Finding Solutions

Tom sought the help of a physical therapist who prescribed three specific rotator cuff exercises and he began using the LaserTouchOne twice each day on both shoulders. Tom says the first week was ‘tough’ – there was a lot of pain. “I used the LaserTouchOne on both shoulders exactly where I felt the most pain and I found that little by little, the pain was getting better.”

Staying consistent, Tom used his LaserTouchOne several times each day and especially after he completed his shoulder exercises. He realized that after four weeks, there was a significant reduction in pain and his range of motion improved in both shoulders.  “I was finally able to dress and raise my arms above my head,” Tom said, “plus, sleeping on my sides wasn’t pain-free, but it no longer awakened me in excruciating pain.”

Life Without Pain

Over the next month, Tom was able to increase his strength and range of motion in both shoulders. And by the beginning of February, he had progressed enough to enter the Mid-Atlantic Erg Sprints that consisted of rowing 2,000 meters as fast as he could on a Concept 2 rower. He was pleasantly surprised that after that tough competition, his shoulders recovered nicely and he hadn’t done anything to worsen his injuries.

Since the middle of March, Tom says his shoulders have felt better than they have in years. The clicking is nearly gone on the right side and he no longer has the excruciating pain he felt before. “If one or both shoulders start to ache at all, I get right back to my exercises and LaserTouchOne treatments. Any inflammation will subside pretty quickly and I can get back to my life without pain,” Tom says. He believes the LaserTouchOne was instrumental to his recovery. “As a lifelong athlete, no other rehab regime has helped my shoulders like this one did. I had never progressed as far or as fast as I did when I used the LaserTouchOne in my every day recovery program.” 


The LaserTouchOne device is a patented, proven and effective pain relief device cleared by the FDA for both neck and shoulder pain. While we do not guarantee that our device will cure acute or chronic body pain, studies have shown that 93% of participants experienced pain relief when using their LaserTouchOne device. We offer a 30-day, risk-free, in-home trial on our products. 

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