Massage, cold laser, and electrical stimulation

Let’s face it, we all have pain. Sometimes the pain comes and goes quickly but other days (or weeks) it lingers, it nags at you constantly, and it keeps you from...

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Massage, cold laser, and electrical stimulation

 Let’s face it, we all have pain. Sometimes the pain comes and goes quickly but other days (or weeks) it lingers, it nags at you constantly, and it keeps you from doing the things you love to do. So what do you do to help alleviate that pain? 

One option is massage.  Hopefully you already have a trusted masseuse to visit. Making the appointment is the easy part – now you have to carve out time to get there and to spend the $60 to $120 to find some much-needed relief. It’s always a treat to have a massage but the expense and time involved can make it difficult to do frequently.

Another viable option is cold laser treatments. Used for decades for pain relief, many chiropractors and pain management physicians offer cold laser pain treatments in their offices.  When applied to the body, cold laser, or low level laser therapy (LLLT), has shown in studies to increase ATP production in cells (that’s the energy molecule every cell needs in order to function).  When cells have energy, they can repair and heal and the pain can subside.  Again, though, you have to make an appointment (or many appointments), drive to the clinic, and pay for treatment.  Insurance may or may not cover the treatment protocol but copays still add up quickly.  One pain sufferer recently told us, "Each appointment was a $55 copay and the chiropractor wanted me there twice each week. It just became too pricey to continue."

And then there’s micro-current electrical stimulation. Like the laser, this treatment for pain has also been used for decades. Similar to a TENS unit, the electrical current feels like a gentle tingle when applied to the skin over an electrode gel. Also like laser, the micro-current electrical stimulation also has shown in studies to increase the ATP production in the cells and to help normalize the electrical currents cells use in normal function.  And also like massage and laser therapy, time and money are the limiting factors in finding pain relief over long periods of time.

What if you could have all three treatment types in one device?  Imagine if when you woke up with a stiff neck or shoulders that you could simply grab your LaserTouchOne, apply a small dab of gel, and begin treating the area(s) in pain.  The LaserTouchOne is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand while applying it to the affected area(s) and angled so that you can use it to apply pressure to massage the soft tissue while applying it to the skin. The low level laser and micro-current electrical stimulation are simultaneously emitted through the tip of the LaserTouchOne and travel through the skin penetrating to the cells.  The combination of all three modalities in one device have been shown to have better results when used together than when used individually.  And the best part is the LaserTouchOne is available without a prescription. Save time, save money, have less pain.  You can have pain relief in the palm of your hand – whenever and wherever you need it. 

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