How to Use the LaserTouchOne Device to Treat Neck Pain

Written by Jennifer Allen


Posted on March 29 2023

Finding relief from debilitating neck pain can be a very extensive process, but with LaserTouchOne’s cold laser therapy device, relief is an option.


The neck has a number of functions, from providing a significant range of motion and protecting your spinal cord to supporting the head and providing a passageway for vertebral arteries. With the neck receiving less protection than the rest of the spine, it is more vulnerable to injuries, which can cause both chronic pain and restricted motion. 

If you are someone who suffers from neck pain due to a minor injury, you don’t have to accept this as part of your daily life. With our low level cold laser therapy device, LaserTouchOne can help you alleviate debilitating neck pain in just five simple steps. 


Using Cold Laser Therapy for Neck Pain: Treatment Steps 

1. Adjust the E-Stim Wheel

On the side of your LaserTouchOne device, you will find the e-stim wheel. Turn the e-stim wheel toward the minus sign.

2. Apply The LaserTouchOne Gel 

After you’ve adjusted the e-stim wheel, you will need to apply the LaserTouchOne gel to the area experiencing discomfort. Our LaserTouchOne gel acts as a conductor for the e-stim, creating a frictionless movement across the area of skin being treated. Depending on the size of the area being treated, more or less gel may be needed. 

3. Turn on Your LaserTouchOne Device

Turning on the LaserTouchOne device is easy! Simply push the on/off button on your device. 

4. Apply the LaserTouchOne Device to Pained Area 

Holding the device as you would a pen, gently press it onto the pained area of the neck. Slowly adjust the e-stim wheel toward the positive sign until you feel a slight tingling sensation. Leaving the dial on that setting, slowly move your LaserTouchOne device around the area in a paint-like stroke or circular motion until the low level cold laser’s red light automatically turns off after two minutes of use. 

5. Conduct Up to Five Sessions Per Day 

For each area of the body that is being treated, LaserTouchOne recommends starting with two minute cycles, four to five times a day for best results. 

Additional Tips to Know When Using Your LaserTouchOne Device

Little to no pressure is needed when using this low level laser therapy device for neck pain. However, in areas where there is more fat tissue or muscle, a firmer application may be necessary. 

If you have limited or no skin sensitivity, begin on the lowest e-stim setting and slowly work up until you feel a slight tingling sensation. Be sure to adjust as needed to ensure your comfort during treatment. 

In addition to treating the area of immediate pain, we recommend using your LaserTouchOne device both above and below the targeted area, as the pain may also come from those points. 


Consider LaserTouchOne When Treating Acute or Chronic Pain

If you live with neck pain and are in search of relief, shop our LaserTouchOne products here!

Our hand-held cold laser therapy device delivers the preferred wavelength and wattage proven most effective for deep tissue recovery thanks to its single diode laser. LaserTouchOne is the only device on the market that takes the proven benefits of low level cold laser therapy and combines them with low-level microcurrent electrical stimulation. The effective, powerful and safe pain relief device can be used in the comfort of your own home, without a prescription or negative side effects.

Our patented, proven and effective pain relief device is cleared by the FDA for both neck and shoulder pain. We cannot guarantee that our device will cure acute or chronic body pain. Studies have shown that 93% of participants have experienced pain relief when using their LaserTouchOne device. We are so confident in our device that we offer a 30-day, risk-free, in-home trial.