How Cold Laser Therapy Helped This Customer Alleviate His Chronic Body Pain

Written by Jennifer Allen


Posted on March 21 2023

Mark Archer shares his journey toward pain alleviation after discovering cold laser therapy.

At 69 years old, self-proclaimed “health advocate,” Mark Archer unfortunately experienced injury, body pain and arthritis due to both his active lifestyle and construction career.  

After trying different forms of therapy and treatment for his body pain, Mark eventually learned about low level cold laser therapy and wants to share his experience and knowledge with those in search of a therapy device to help with pain relief.  

An Injury Led to Finding Cold Laser Therapy 

For over 20 years, Mark Archer has been a cold laser therapy advocate and it all started after experiencing a rib injury.  Mark tried different methods to help alleviate his pain, including cryo recovery and magnetic therapy. “I keep an open mind, but I pride myself in not getting too caught up in something and try to analyze it,” Mark said. 

During a poker game his injury affected him in a major way. “I sneezed at the poker table and just about passed out from the pain.” While Mark made sure never to be persuaded into using only one product to help with his pain, his mind changed after a friend introduced him to low level cold laser therapy. “When I was introduced to this I realized almost immediately that it would pinpoint issues and almost instantaneously release them.”  

How Mark Uses Cold Laser Therapy

In order to help with his rib pain and the subsequent back, knee and arthritis pain that followed due to his career in construction, Mark explained how he used the device on his knee. “As the knee was recovering, some days it would be hurting, turns out the spot that would release the pain from the knee was on my hip bone,” he stated. Mark used cold laser therapy not only in the area where the pain was, but in the surrounding areas too. 

“The bottom line is, this is a life changing device if it’s used properly. And properly just means pinpointing the (problem) spots, staying on them for a few minutes and then go look for another spot.” 


Advocating for Cold Laser Therapy 

In total, Mark owns three LaserTouchOne devices, two of which he loans out to family and friends whenever they are experiencing body pain. “This is the biggest game changer out there and I tell people ‘you need to own one in the family’ because this is a big, big deal.” 

Mark calls himself an advocate for low level cold laser therapy because it has helped him manage his daily life better. “I spent 20 years, from 23 to 43, throwing my back out anywhere from three to six times a year and I'm talking about pulling up in your driveway trying to figure out how you’re going to get out of your car,” Mark explained about the extent of his pain. “I’m so grateful that I got turned on to it because it’s a life changing device.”

As an active adult, Mark still uses his cold laser therapy device almost daily. “This has the TENS laser combination that pinpoints the problem. We don’t have to live in pain,” he concluded. 

Try the Cold Laser Therapy Device to Alleviate Body Pain  

LaserTouchOne understands how acute and chronic pain can disrupt your daily life and make even the simplest of tasks difficult to perform. That’s why it is our mission to provide pain relief to areas of the body that are inflamed or have experienced minor injuries. 

With studies showing that 93% of participants have experienced pain relief when using cold laser therapy, we encourage you to shop our products here

As a patented, proven and effective pain relief device, our cold laser therapy tool is a distinctively powerful, effective and safe pain relief therapy that can be used in the comfort of your own home, without a prescription or side effects. This product is cleared by the FDA for neck and shoulder pain, however we do not guarantee that our device will solve all of your acute or chronic body pain.